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Development and delivery of solutions for the wastewater industry for more than 25 years.

The management

Daily operation

Today, AL-2 Teknik A/S is still managed by Jan Hansen, who founded the company more than 25 years ago in 1994. Since then, AL-2 has developed and delivered solutions for wastewater treatment, where our experience and products have solved wastewater tasks within many different market areas. Today, AL-2 Teknik A/S is located in its own facility on Krøgebækvej in Hovborg, where office and production exist under one roof to provide a dynamic and flexible company that can effectively solve tasks for customers and partners. In 2017, a generational change started, when Jan Hansen’s son, Lasse Majgaard Hansen, joined as a permanent part of the company.

The story behind

About AL-2 Teknik

AL-2 Teknik was founded in 1994. Originally, the company produced belt filters for fish farming for treatment of discharged water. However, it quickly became clear that the highly efficient and well-functioning belt filter with a few small changes could be used in many other places, e.g. in the food industry.

The first AL-2 belt filter for the industry was sold in 1994 and used for filtration of carrot peel and water. Since then, the company has seen rapid growth and development and today the belt filter is used in the food industry, meat processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, district heating plants and many other industries. See more under “industries”.

The AL-2 belt filter is also developed for use in an AL-2 Separation System, where chemical-mechanical filtration can be performed with the addition of chemicals. This is used in applications such as the food industry or other industries where you want a reduction of COD, fat, oil, paint, heavy metals etc. as well as the system ability for efficient for treatment of condensate at woodchip-fired heating plants.

AL-2 belt filter- and separation system are constantly developed and improved to ensure that our product moves with the times and meets changing requirements and needs within the various market areas. See more about our products under “solutions”.

“Products are manufactured in our workshop with great consideration of design, quality and functionality.”

AL-2 Teknik currently has both office staff and own production at the facilities in Hovborg. The products are manufactured in our workshop with great consideration of design, quality, and functionality. Specialized and skilled sub-suppliers manufacture and supply several parts to achieve a consistently high quality.

Most of the products are made of stainless steel, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), respectively and can be adapted to the individual customer’s requirements and needs.

The products from AL-2 Teknik A/S have throughout the years been applied to many different tasks, and with an efficient quality product in constant development we are confident that the future will bring new and exciting tasks, which we are ready to meet.

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