We only provide solutions that we believe are the best for our customers. For this reason, it is important that all projects are well-defined, so our customers get the solution that they need.

Preliminary dialogue

Dialogue and concept

  • Definition of customer-specific information and requirements as basis for choosing a solution.
  • If necessary, we carry out assessment and experiments of the wastewater in laboratory to estimate possibilities and treatment technology.
  • Preparation of concept based on AL-2 solution.
  • Estimates for business case assessment when investing in AL-2 solution, e.g. CAPEX (Capital Expense), OPEX (Operational Expense), ROI (Return on Investment), Waste-to- Value.

Proving the technology

Pilot test and analysis

  • AL-2 offers pilot test units at the customers to operate on representative wastewater.
  • Water sample analysis of inlet- and outflow water provides the removal rates and can be compared with discharge requirements. The same removal rates can be expected on a full-scale plant.
  • Tests and analysis contribute to a stronger basis for calculating capacity, operating costs, design of solution etc.

Design phase

Specification and design

  • AL-2 design and manufacture according to customer-specific requirements and needs.
  • The design phase includes the customer’s requirements regarding design and location of a system.
  • It is agreed which deliveries are to be made by AL-2, and which are to be made by the customer or other suppliers.
  • The level of automation, control and monitoring is agreed for the final solution.


Production and installation

  • Production is initiated when ordering and design phase is completed.
  • The production time depends on the individual solution.
  • All solutions are completed and thoroughly tested at our factory to ensure consistently high quality.
  • Installation at the customer can be done by AL-2, the customer’s own crew, local craftsmen, or partial installation can be agreed.


Commissioning and start-up

  • Solutions are tested functionally at the factory, but the solutions still need tests after the installation is completed. AL-2 offers to test and run in the solutions to achieve optimal value.
  • It is important that the operators are instructed in operation and maintenance, which is usually done during commissioning.
  • AL-2 always offers follow-up support and operational guidance.


Service and maintenance

  • To maintain optimal operation, it is necessary for most products that service and maintenance is performed regularly. Therefore, AL-2 Teknik A S also develops and manufactures the products in order for wear parts, e.g. mechanically moveable parts, to be replaced if necessary.
  • AL-2 Teknik employs experienced service technicians, who provide professional maintenance, adjustments, and repairs. Feel free to contact us if you wish for more information about service agreements. You can also order wear- and spare parts, if you want service performed by your own service people.
  • AL-2 offers service agreements where service intervals and inspection of the product are agreed.


Optimization of existing solution

AL-2 Teknik continues developing the product portfolio and therefore older solutions may be improved or expanded to optimize operations and results. Changing requirements or needs may also require existing solutions to be modified or expanded.

Automation of the products provides optimal operation. As an example, PLC control can automatically adapt the systems to varying flows and conditions. AL-2 has many years of experience from various applications – contact us for our advice on possibilities for optimization.

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