Industrial wastewater


Extensive experience

Through many years of experience, AL-2 Teknik has provided solutions for decentralized treatment of process water and wastewater before discharge or recycling. The solutions are often supplied as a mechanical filtration on AL-2 belt filter or chemical-mechanical separation on AL-2 Separation System.

Our belt filter is available with filter belt down to 30 µm and can filter particles from process water, e.g. flakes from processing units, or granulated plastics from recycling processes.


Decentralized wastewater treatment

Most solutions are established to create an automated and effective removal of organic matter, contaminated particles, heavy metals, oil, and similar matters before discharge to the municipal sewer system. In these cases, the industries cannot be allowed to discharge the wastewater or receive larger discharge fee without performing a pre-treatment of the wastewater. AL-2 Separation System is flexible and can be adapted both chemically and mechanically to most tasks.


Examples of industries, where AL-2 has provided solutions

Surface water is treated to remove heavy metals and other polluting matters:

  • Waste receiving stations, e.g. soil- and construction waste
  • Scrap yards, scrapping and recycling of metals
  • Processing and recycling of wood

Oily wastewater is treated to separate oil- and water phase:

  • Environmental receiving stations for oily water
  • Tarry water from asphalt machines

Surface treatment processes:

  • Pickling and galvanic surface treatment
  • Cleaning of remaining paint
  • Paint production

Pre-treatment before recycling:

  • Filtration before recycling
  • Pre-treatment before membrane systems


Types of wastewater

No types of industrial wastewater are similar, and therefore our experience is important when delivering the best solution. We offer to test our technology on your wastewater with our pilot test plant. We offer customized solutions, which means that the system and process are optimized for the specific task.



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