Case: Dairy wastewater

Pre-treatment of dairy wastewater before discharge to sewer.


The wastewater could not comply with discharge requirements for municipal sewer.
• Content of COD and fat was too high
• Avoid extra discharge fee
• Achieve operationally reliable treatment of varying wastewater


AL-2 Separation System installed in new established building with operation- and service friendly conditions
• Chemical-mechanical treatment of wastewater
• Automatic equalization and start-stop of treatment plants
• Robust instrumentation and automation with online access

Pre-treatment of dairy wastewater before discharge to sewer.

Dairy wastewater composed of several sources, which vary during the day, including e.g. cleaning water containing residual products. The total wastewater volume has a high content of organic matter and fat, which burdens the municipal sewer network and treatment plant, and therefore a pre-treatment before discharge is required.

The wastewater is equalized in a balance tank, after which a flow- and sensor-controlled process through an AL-2 Separation System automatically treats the wastewater. The removed sludge fraction is pumped to sludge tank, which is collected for biogas. The effluent water is discharged to the municipal sewer and complies with the discharge requirements, while avoiding unwanted hydrogen sulfide formation and odor smells.

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