Wastewater treatment

Aquaculture is a growing industry, where especially land-based aquaculture has created a need for robust technology. Whether aquaculture is established in offshore fish farming cages or on land-based farms, the industry creates residual products in the form of sludge and wastewater that must be treated.

Efficient solutions for concentrating of sludge and treatment of water before discharge or recycling provide a better environmental footprint.

Complete solution

Efficient sludge treatment

We have documented high removal rates performed on our robust and reliable solutions for sludge treatment. Our solutions are module-based to fit all flows and volumes. In addition, the customer-specific requirements are adapted to create the most optimal solution. We offer solutions for both freshwater- and saltwater applications. This requires corrosion-resistant materials, which is standard in AL-2 Teknik’s product portfolio. Our products have a long history for being able to handle the harsh environments.

Sludge treatment:

  • Efficient chemical-mechanical wastewater treatment
  • Complete treatment process, which comply with strict discharge requirements
  • High removal of SS, COD, BOD and phosphorus
  • Continuous process with the option of integrated sludge dewatering
  • High operational reliability and low energy consumption
  • Plug-and-play-units for cost-effective installation
  • Quiet process for better working environment
  • Documented retention of > 99 % microplastics

Mechanical belt filter

Gentle filtration

AL-2 Belt Filter is a compact and effective filtration technology for continuous flow. Sludge and particles are carefully separated from the water phase and utilize the filter cake to remove particles, that are smaller than the openings in the filter belt. Sludge and backwash water are delivered separately, which gives a much higher sludge dry matter compared to e.g. drum filters. In addition, the backwash water consumption is low, as it is only used to clean the filter belt from the residues that the mechanical scraper has not removed.

Examples of solutions delivered as mechanical filtration:

  • Concentration of backwash water from drum filters
  • Filtration of feed leftovers
  • Filtration of recirculated water
  • Filtration of wastewater before sedimentation


Wastewater from meat processing plants

We also provide solutions for wastewater treatment from fish slaughterhouses and processing. The wastewater from this application is of a different nature, which you can read more about via the link. 

Extensive experience

Strong references

At AL-2 Teknik, we have many years of experience from the industry and our references include numerous projects and solutions, that we have delivered all over the world. The projects and solutions are ficilitated through both direct selling, leading technology suppliers and suppliers of RAS systems.

At AL-2 Teknik, our customers does not only receive a product, but a complete solution with subsequent support.



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