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At AL-2 Teknik, we have been creating solutions for wastewater treatment for over 25 years and have solid experience in wastewater treatment. It all started with a high demand for automatic water filtration in Danish fish farms, which we solved with our own developed belt filter, and it continues to be our core product that is included in many of our solutions. Today, our solutions are also used for wastewater treatment in industries such as the food industry and municipal wastewater.

The AL-2 belt filter is used in many industries, where everything from COD, fat and oil to paint, heavy metals, and the like is reduced. We are constantly developing our solutions to keep up with the times and improve wastewater treatment.

You can read more about our solutions for wastewater treatment on the page below. You are also always welcome to contact us for an informal chat on phone +45 75 39 65 00 or by email if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Mechanical filtration

AL-2 Belt Filter

Effective continuous filtration of process water and wastewater. Robust self-cleaning solution with endless Belt filter mesh from 30 µm to 5000 µm. Compact design in different sizes. Ideal for modular construction to accommodate large volumes of water.

Chemical-mechanical cleaning

AL-2 Separation System

Advanced wastewater treatment by combining chemical precipitation and filtration on AL-2 Belt Filter. Continuous separation process for removal of solids, organic matter, polluting particles, heavy metals, fats, oils, greases etc.

Continuous removal of carbon

AL-2 Carbon Harvester

Belt filter technology for removal of carbon in the water inlet of wastewater treatment plants. Continuous reduction of organic matter. The carbon is ideal for biogas. The solution creates economic and environmental benefits for both existing and new wastewater treatment plants.

Increased sludge dry matter content


AL-2 Sludge Dewatering

Sludge treatment system for increasing dry matter content in sludge. Continuous process with separation of sludge and liquid phase followed by sludge dewatering. Minimizing the sludge volume reduces costs of transporting and disposing of sludge through a low energy process.
Reduce transportation and disposal costs through a low energy process.

Dosing of liquid polymer

AL-2 Polymer System

Fully automatic and reliable polymer dosing and make up unit. Precise dosing of liquid polymer and dilution with automatically regulated water volume, with an optimum maturation phase.

Water polishing


AL-2 Media Filtration

Unique results with 1 micron filtration through Dryden AFM-media. Advanced automation ensures reliable and consistent results. Ideal for polishing and reuse of the water treated in the AL-2 Separation System.


Do you have questions about our solutions? Contact us and let us help you.

We also develop and manufacture customized solutions, e.g. chemical dosing systems and customer-specific plastic tanks.

Wastewater Treatment at AL-2

At AL-2, we offer several different solutions for wastewater treatment in your company. We have been developing our solutions for over 25 years and are some of the most skilled in the market with competencies in wastewater treatment. There are increasing demands for wastewater treatment due to the discharge requirements that are often tightened to protect the environment. With AL-2’s solutions, you ensure proper wastewater treatment.

All of our solutions are built and tested at our factory in Hovborg, and therefore require minimal installation work at your site, making our company very attractive both domestically and internationally. We always tailor the solutions for wastewater treatment to your company’s specific needs and requirements.

How is wastewater treated?

To remove unwanted substances such as oil, grease, or other heavy metals, we combine our AL-2 belt filter with a chemical treatment that sorts out the unwanted substances. The purified water can then be discharged into the sewer or reused elsewhere in the company.

Many companies want to treat their process water, whether it is mechanical, biological, or chemical treatment.

At AL-2, we help with a solution, no matter how you want to treat your wastewater.

Treatment of wastewater

When performing treatment of wastewater, polluting substances are sorted out. For example, heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, chromium, and zinc can be removed from the water to prevent them from entering the groundwater. It is important to perform proper water treatment to meet the requirements for wastewater treatment.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you with wastewater treatment or how you can best treat your process water in your company, you are always welcome to contact us at +45 75 39 65 00 or email info@al-2.com.

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