Municipal wastewater


Efficient technology

We provide technology and solutions for various parts of the process. We have extensive experience from both municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater, which gives us the experience and the opportunity to think beyond conventional technologies. Our solutions are energy-friendly and therefore contribute to energy neutrality.

AL-2 Belt Filter

Inlet screening

Effective removal of inorganic matter with filtration through 2×2 mm or 5×5 mm square meshes. The solution effectively removes cotton buds, fiber cloths, Lego bricks and other unwanted material and is more effective than existing solutions on the market. The sludge can be post-treated in a screening press.

The belt filters can be built into concrete constructions or delivered in customer-specific filter tanks. Inlet, outflow, and overflow can be adapted to existing surroundings.

Removal of organic matter

AL-2 Carbon Harvester

Carbon removal with filtration technology for the utilization of wastewater as a resource. An innovative solution that increases sustainability.

The solution increase capacity on existing wastewater treatment plants with a limited space requirement or can be established as a primary step on new wastewater treatment plants.

Achieve environmental benefits, e.g. reduced energy for aeration, biogasification of sludge and less sludge for dewatering after biological process.

Reduced plastic pollution on the environment with documented retention of > 99% microplastics. AL-2 Teknik has had a strong focus on optimizing our solutions for removal of microplastics from wastewater. In 2015, we performed tests to demonstrate the belt filter technology’s potential to remove microplastics in combination with organic matter in the primary process of wastewater treatment plants. The project showed promising results and great potential for the technology.

AL-2 Belt Filter


Belt filter filtration with 40-60 µm filter cloth for effective water polishing. Automatic start-stop and automated backwash.

Reliable polymer solution

Polymer dosing and make-up

Polymer dosing unit for liquid polymer

  • Automatic dosing by water regulation, mixing and maturation
  • Accurate mixture with calibrated polymer dosing and automatic water regulation
  • Reducing of costs on polymer consumption
  • Make-up with technical water or mains water
  • Solution for dosing in primary treatment or for sludge treatment in decanter centrifuge



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